Avatar film review

Avatar is a wonderful sci-fy film that holds a larger meaning than what is shown directly. The indirect larger message is that the power of one should never be underestimated because that one may just be stronger than a group. I would give this film five out of five stars because it captured the audience’s attention and there was always some form of action, even if it was a small bit.


Pan’s Labyrinth

Pan’s Labyrinth is full of many universal ideas that all can relate to. One of these ideas is the idea of war. There is also the idea of fairy tales, monsters, and love conquering all. The only foreign parts are the location and the language. The monsters include the Captain and his men as well as the faun, although the faun is mistaken for a monster in the beginning. The idea of love conquering all is shown in this film by the fact that in the end she gave her own blood instead of the blood of an innocent.

Crash review

Crash is a very confusing film and for that I would rate at three and a half stars out of five. I really found that this film, although very good at capturing the true emotions, was full of many unconnected stories making for a very confusing film. I believe that the director’s message is that stereotypes are present in everybody and it takes one life changing event to prove them right or wrong. One aspect of this film that I did enjoy was the acting. This is so because the actors and actresses were able to show the true feelings that the director intended in each scene, creating a sense of emotions and reality.

Stagecoach review

Stagecoach is a black-and-white western with very colorful characters. This was the movie that started John Wayne’s reputation as an incredible actor most famous for his westerns. The director took characters from all walks of life and threw them into one place full of danger, secrets, happiness, and flying bullets. I would rate this movie five out of five stars because it kept you interested by implanting comedic moments in times of seriousness and by staying true to real life at that time.

Full Circle review

Full Circle is a very interesting film that uses mostly medium shots to tell the story. The use of short shots allow for the audience to see the character’s feelings through their eyes. The title is significant because what the main character does to one man, the secondary character does to him. I would rate this film four-and-a-half out of five stars because it was interesting, but it’s a concept that has been used/seen many times before that the concept has gotten old and very predictable.

review and rating of “Elevator”

Elevator is a comedy about a paranoid guy in an elevator. The man appears to think things through way too much; to the point of being paranoid about the weight limit and total capacity of the elevator. Overall, I would give this film a three-and-a-half out of five because the actions of the character created the comedy of the film. However, the non-diegetic music does nothing for the film as a whole. The director’s purpose was to show that people tend to over think everyday things in life.

“Signs” review and rating

Overall I would give the short film Signs five out of five stars because I could really understand what the characters where feeling and found it quite comedic.

The short film Signs is about a young man and women who work in office buildings next to each other. They communicate through signs shown to each other every day. This is a wonderful film because the way the narrative is presented, the audience gets inside of the protagonists heads. Also, the non-diegetic background music added to the feeling of the film as a whole.

Symmetry review and rating

I would give this short film four and a half stars out of five. This is so because the message was very clear, but it could have been a little more interesting. There could also have been more shots than close-ups and medium shots. There only seemed to be one long shot that didn’t really cature my attention as a viewer.

Once Upon a Time in the West

“Once Upon a Time in the West” was a very slow, uneventful movie. I watched about fifteen minutes of the film when it was shown on a Saturday morning on AMC and quickly changed the channel.  The shots were all long and medium shots that the point wasn’t made very clear at all. I would not suggest this film to anybody, even if they enjoy westerns as much as I do.


My favorite movie- “Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid”

My favorite movie is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid because it is full of action, adventure, and plenty of comedic moments. It stars Robert Redford as the Sundance Kid and Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy. This film was released on October 24 1969 in color. One of my favorite scenes is the cliff jump:

Butch Cassidy: Alright. I’ll jump first.

Sundance Kid: No.

Butch Cassidy: Then you jump first.

Sundance Kid: No, I said.

Butch Cassidy: What’s the matter with you?

Sundance Kid: I can’t swim.

Butch Cassidy: Are you crazy? The fall will probably kill you.

Sundance Kid: Oh, sh*t…

This scene always makes me laugh and the ending is very funny as well. If anybody is looking for a funny old movie, I would definitely suggest Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.